I called 16 solar firms in San Jose, all sourced from Yelp and with at least 4.5 stars.

Steve’s bid at Solar Ease beat all others on a per-kWh basis by a wide margin, so I went with him. His guys showed up promptly, got all the work done on time, including the extra electrical work I requested, and I couldn’t be happier.

Highly recommended for a great firm and a great guy to work with.

-Eric H.
San Jose, CA

Steve designed and installed a 4.4 kW system on our house this past summer and we couldn’t be more impressed with the product and results. During the design phase he paid close attention to details including setting the system back so not to be visible from the street and working with the city of San Carlos to insure we had a top notch, well built system that would suit our needs. Since our house is older with an almost flat roof Steve had several challenges in setting up the supports and panels but the end product was a very professional looking system. It went online the beginning of August and we have not been charged for electricity since.

Also wanted to give a thumbs up to his electricians who wired the panels into our electrical service. In addition to connecting the panels they also upgraded the main service panel which was badly outdated. Like the solar system itself the wiring and conduit were clearly put together by professionals with an eye for detail. Everything was installed so it looks like it was built with the house.

I highly recommend Solar Ease if you’re considering installing a solar electric system.

-Tyler B.
San Carlos, CA