A Message from the President of SolarEase

My name is Steve Genakos and I started Solar Ease because solar electric systems have been notoriously expensive to install with little information on how to make an informed decision.

I wanted to change that:

Solar Ease has developed a business model that significantly reduces the cost of buying and installing a solar electric power system.Ā  Our simplified highly efficient solar electric systems maintain the high quality standards that we all expect and deserve from a major purchase investment.

We feel our solar electric system is the best in the market place!!!

In fact, Solar Ease has put together a system that produces 5% to 25% more energy harvest than a traditional solar electric system installation.

We only use the best solar electric products in the industry and at the same time reducing the cost to the homeowner. The shorter return on investment time with a Solar Ease solar electric system will allow you get to your money back faster and continue on paying you for many years to come.

We look forward to turning your home green, while saving you your hard earned green, from an energy industry that is getting more expensive everyday!!!


Steve M Genakos
Solar Ease, Inc.