What is Solar Ease?

Solar Ease retails and wholesales solar electric equipment directly to the homeowner, their trusted contractor, or independent contractors.

Solar Ease sells high quality solar electric equipment, system designs, plans for your building permit and we do the all government paperwork for the state incentives (not tax returns).

In addition Solar Ease has a certified licensed contractor for your installation.

If you have a good friend that is a contractor that you want to do the installation we will have an onsite technician working with them.  Solar Ease will inspect the system installation before the local building inspector.  Our simplified highly efficient solar electric systems are designed to be easy to understand and install.

It takes more than solar electric equipment to have a quality installation though!

We put great emphasis on roof penetrations.  The largest problem in the industry today is solar companies that do not have properly skilled personnel applying roof penetrations.  It is for this reason that many have roofing contractors install the roof standoffs that the solar racking is attached.

A home must have a proper design which includes the direction the system faces, angle of the panels in relation to the sun and your latitude of your home.

It must take into account the sun path throughout the entire year in which we look for trees and obstructions and perform a shading analysis.  This analysis tells us necessary information to assess impact on performance of kilo watt output and the financial return of your investment.

Solar Ease includes these important shading and financial analyses as well.

Independent contractors with a C46, B, C10 or C39:

We can work with you and your homeowner!  When signing up with Solar Ease you have none of the high upfront out of pocket expenses of buying the equipment, the hassle of system design, or dealing with the myriad of government paperwork.  We provide all of it.  As well, we have an onsite technician to advise you on every step through the entire installation process.

To work with us you must agree and adhere to our strict quality standards.  There are no exceptions!  We inspect before the local government.

Solar Ease allows a customer to make choices which best fit their own situation or needs.  We make solar electric easy to understand and easy to install that is priced is thousands less with better equipment than our competition.

We always try to get our customers’ investment in the equipment and installation back within 5 years from the savings on their electric bills.  To this we pledge our endeavor!

Solar Ease, Inc demystifying the solar electric industry!